Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to provide a packed lunch, and if I don’t is there an extra charge?

A: No, we provide breakfast, lunch and high tea every day at no additional cost. Only when we will go on a trip you will be required to provide a packed lunch. If you would like to know more about the menu, please click on Food Menu.

Q: Do you serve organic food?

A: Currently we do not serve organic food. Please see Food Menu for more information.

Q: Do they have to wear a uniform?

A:  Yes, the uniform consists of a sweatshirt in the winter priced at £11.00 each and a tee-shirt in the summer priced at £ 6.00 each.

Q: When was the nursery founded?

A: It was founded in 1989 by Mrs. S. Petgrave and Mrs. M.P. Taylor.

Q: Where can I find your latest ofsted report?

A: You will be able to find an extract of our latest Ofsted reports for Balham and Streatham.

Q: Do we have to pay the full fees during the holidays?

A: Yes, the full fees have to be paid during holidays.

Q: Do I have to inform you if somebody else is collecting my child?

A: If the person is not someone who is identified on the child’s registration form, a senior senior member of staff must be informed. The person must be introduced to the member of staff or must provide proof that they are authorised to collect the child, a form of I.D. must be supplied.

Q: What if I am late to collect my child?

A: Parents are asked to ensure that all children are collected promptly at 6.00 pm. Unless there are extenuating circumstances a charge of £1.00 per five minutes period until 6.15 pm and £2.00 for every five minutes thereafter will apply.

Q: Are all the staff qualified?

A: Yes, all staff hold a recognised childcare qualification. The management and senior staff are qualified to degree level – see the staff page for more information.