Just a few comments we have received from parents…

‘Thank you for all your hard work, you have helped to make Nurie into a young man, being able to read, write and number work. These abilities have made him very confident and it’s all thanks to you.’

‘Thank you for really helping Luc progress in leaps and bounds. I just wish I’d known about you months and months ago. We are really delighted with his progress. He obviously needed the stimulation that you have offered in such a warm and caring environment. You have all been great.’

‘Just a short notice to thank you all for making Ria’s time at Abacus so happy and fulfilling. We are all very sad to be leaving, but are certain that the thirst for knowledge you have instilled will see her through her entire life. We will bring her back for a visit very soon and perhaps in a year or two Ria mark2 will be at Abacus!!! Wishing you every success in the future.’

‘Thank you all so much for your care and attention you have given Chloe the best possible start to her school career, and we will all miss you a great deal. The last 3 years have flown past but we have seen Chloe change from a shy little “baby” into a confident, and knowledgeable young girl, keep up the good work, we will keep in touch – may be no.2 will join!!! in the future.’

‘ Thank you for making James welcome and helping him over the move from the “Old nursery” to “My nursery!”.¬†Sorry he is such a chatterbox now he’s overcome his shyness.’

‘Thank you for the two and a half years of love, care and attention you have provided Kojo, not to mention the head start in his education.’

‘It’s been 5 months since Anie started school, but she still remembers her happy days at your nursery! It was wonderful that I chose Abacus nursery for my daughter. Anie is an amazing reader because she learnt to read and write with a special program which you provided. Everybody asks me where she learnt to read so well ….. of course – ABACUS! You discover talent in our kids and then help them to be the best. I would like to thank you all for the great job you do for our kids.’